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The FIBO2 Difference

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Only Made with High Quality, Organic Fabrics

FIBO2 is a brand of high quality/luxury organic and sustainable clothing essentials for women, men, and kids with sensitive skin, for all day wear and frequent travelers.

The 02 in the name brand was inspired by the oxygen chemical formulation and stands for the breathability of each style.

Comfortable & Breathable Fabrics

Comfortable breathable silky buttery organic or sustainable fabrics meticulously searched from around the world with styles made for all size from XS to XXL

Fib02 features comfortable and fashionable clothing, reversible styles so you can pack small while wearing something different every day.

Fib02 is a brand for men, women, and kids with sensitive skin for all day wear, frequent travelers, people looking for comfortable fashionable and breathable pieces.

Changing the Way We Experience Fabrics

During the 2020 pandemic our founder was diagnosed with hives (chronic urticaria) and became more aware of the clothing material that she was wearing to prevent itching and rashes. She is also a very frequent traveler and finding breathable clothing that she could wear during long-haul flights became a basic need.

FIBO2 was developed out of a need to be better, and we hope you find comfort with us.

It’s not just about who we are, but
also what we are doing.

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